Isn’t describing ourselves one of the hardest things to do? 

I remember one day, after finishing my high school years, my mother asked me what I wanted to be and my answer was clear “I want to create”. 

I graduated in Graphic Design and Visual Communication, and then worked for different creative agencies looking after important clients such as Ferrovie dello stato, Terna, Colgate, Caffè Danesi. 

The most crucial steps for my career have been the collaborations with Mekkanografici Associati, Subdued and Mobil M – and the work I have been doing for them.

Thanks to Mekkanografici Associati, I stepped into the editorial and publishing industry working closely with prestigious clients such as Treccani, Edizioni e/o, Editori Laterza. 

At Subdued, I learnt everything about event management, designing every piece of material related to their online and instore communication, as well as defining graphics and visual assets for the event suppliers. 

Last but not least, my collaboration with Mobil M allowed me to refine my interior design skills, strengthening my knowledge of materials and supports and developing my relationship with architects and builders.